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Lisa Adams, Chair
Derek Kitchen, Vice Chair

Justin Belliveau, Interim Executive Director Redevelopment Agency

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451 South State, Room 418
Salt Lake City, Utah  84111
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RDA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (Board) of the RDA is comprised of the members of the City Council of Salt Lake City. The Board is given policy-making authority for the RDA, while the Mayor serves as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Lisa Ramsey Adams, Chairperson

Derek Kitchen, Vice-Chairperson

Stan Penfold, Director

Andrew Johnston, Director

Charlie Luke, Director

Erin Mendenhall, Director

James Rogers, Director


To contact a board member, please send an email or call 801-535-7240.


2016 Meeting Schedule: Agendas, Minutes, and Information


The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 2:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted below. Agendas are usually posted the Friday prior to the meeting, while minutes will be posted once they are approved—usually after the next Board meeting.

Agendas, Minutes, & Videos

Staff Reports

January 12, 2016 Agenda



6.A. Election of Chair & Vice-Chairperson
6.B. RDA Disclosure Forms
6.C. Open Meetings Training
6.D. Briefing on Key Changes Proposed in New RDA Legislation
7.A. Exclusive Negotiations for Utah Paperbox Property
7.B. CDA Creation Process Update for New Project Areas
7.C. Modifications to Tax Increment Reimbursement Program
8.A. Housing Funding Update
8.B. Clift Building Loan Request
8.C. Howa Garden Proposal
10.A. Status Report on RDA Loan Portfolio
11.A. Closed Meeting

February 9, 2016 Agenda



6.A. Reconsideration by CAO of the Resolution to Enter into an Exclusive Negotiations Agreement for Utah Paperbox Property

Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, Attachment 4, Attachment 5

6.B.1. Public Hearing for Adoption of First Amendment to 2015-2016 Annual Implementation Budget

6.B.2. Second Budget Amendment for 2015-2016 // Attachment

6.C. Arctic Court Extension // Attachment B, Attachment C

7.A.1. 2016-2017 Budget Schedule // Attachment

7.A.2. Briefing on 10-year Budget Projections // Attachment

10.A. Closed Meeting

March 15, 2016 Agenda



6.A.1. Cicero Group Loan Request
6.A.2. Cicero Tax Reimbursement
6.B.1. Station Center Infrastructure Improvements Design
6.B.2. Station Center Design Guidelines Amendment
6.B.3. Station Center Parcel 1 Exclusive Negotiation
6.B.4. Station Center Parcel 2 Basic Concept Drawings
6.B.5. Station Center Parcel 2 Terms
6.C. Public Market Site Selection
6.D. RDA Housing Guidelines and Standards
6.E. RDA Loan Program Modifications
6.F. Felt Building Renovation Loan Extension
7.A. Closed Meeting
8.A. RDA Strategic Plans
8.B. Eccles Theater Update

April 12, 2016 Agenda
6.A. Review of 2016/2017 Administrative Budget and Staffing Doc
6.B. Regent Street Hotel Design New Concept Plan
6.C.1. Station Center Design Standards
6.C.2. Station Center Parcal 1 Concept Drawings
6.D. Strategic Plans
6.E.1. RDA Legistlative Changes
6.E.2. CRA Resolution
7.A. Bylaws Proposed Revision
7.B. RDA Project Area Implementation Schedule
8.A. RDA Design Principles
8.B. Eccles Theater Update
8.C. Update on RDA Loan Funds
9.A. Benchmark Modern Purchase and Sale of Jefferson Walkway Properties

May 10, 2016 Agenda

7.A. City Front/NeighborWorks

7.B. Land-Forge/Central Ninth Parcels

7.C. Benchmark Modern Loan

7.D.1. Fleet Block Update

7.D.2. Granary District Strategic Plan

7.E.1. Bylaw Revisions

7.E.2. Procurement Adoption

7.E.3. Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer Designation

7.E.4. Advice and Consent for Appointment of Chief Administrative Officer

8.A.1. Public Hearing for Adoption of Third Amendment to 2015-16 Budget

8.A.2. Review of Third Amendment to 2015-16 Budget

8.B. Draft of the 2016-17 Funding Allocation Budget

8.C. Housing Guidelines

8.D. Real Property Disposition

9.A. Developer Advisory Forum Input Report


May 31, 2016 Agenda




3.A. Budget Process Briefing

4.A.1. Continuation of May 10, 2016 Public Hearing

4.A.2. Third Amendment to 2015/2016 Annual Implementation Budget

4.B.1. Public Hearing for Adoption of 2016/2017 Annual Implementation Budget

4.B.2. Discussion of Proposed 2016/2017 Annual Implementation Budget

5.A. Closed Meeting

June 14, 2016 Agenda




7.A. Term Sheet for Improvements to Vivint Smart Home Arena

7.B. Discussion and Prioritization of RDA Policies

7.C. Public Market Feasibility and Fit Study

7.D. Identification of Ongoing Projects and Funding from June through October 2016

7.E. Third Amendment to 2015/2016 Annual Implementation Budget

7.F. Consideration and Adoption of 2016/2017 Annual Implementation Budget

10.A. Utah Paperbox Exclusive Negotiations Agreement Amendment

10.B. Benchmark Modern Purchase and Sale Amendment

11.A. Closed Meeting

July 12, 2016 Agenda


7.A.1. Adoption of First Amendment to 16/17 Implementation Budget

7.A.2 Review and Approval of First Amendment to Annual 16/17  Implementation Budget

7.B. Preparation of Draft Community Reinvestment Project Area Plan for Northwest Quadrant Project Area

7.C. Consideration of Joint Venture for Utah Theater Property

7.D.1. Real Property Disposition Policy Discussion

7.D.2. Real Property Disposition Budget Discussion

7.E. Amendment to UPAC Operating Agreement

8.A. Downtown and Sugar House Parking Study

8.B. Financial Statement Summary

9.A. RDA Loan Portfolio Status Report

9.B. Gallivan Expenditure Summary for Retail Space Repairs and Marketing

9.C. Pending Tax Increment Reimbursement for 22 South Main Summary

10.A. Exclusive Negotiation Agreement for Utah Paperbox Property

11.A. Closed Meeting


July 19, 2016 Agenda



No August Meeting


6.A. Amendment to UPAC Operating Agreement

September 13, 2016 Agenda
B.3. Second Amendment to FY2017 Budget
B.4. Land Disposition Policy Discussion
B.5. Policy Discussion on Housing in RDA Project Area Strategic Plans
B.6. Utah Paperbox Terms
D.1. Extension of Closing Date with Central Ninth Development Partners
D.2. Set Public Hearing Date for Second Amendment to FY2017 Budget

October 18, 2016 Agenda


B.3. Second Amendment to FY2017 Budget, incl. housing funds
B.4. Utah Paperbox Terms Reconsideration
B.5. Neighborworks Loan Forgiveness
B.6. Outside Legal Counsel Policy
B.7. Land Disposition Policy Discussion
B.8. Advisory Committee Role
B.9. Loan Approval Process

November 15, 2016



B.3. Update on Second Budget Amendment
B.4. Update on Project Area Creation
B.5. Spy Hop Land Discount Request
B.6. Policy Discussions
December 13, 2016 Revised Agenda

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