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KEY PROJECTS: 1969-2019

Released in June 2019, we consider our 50-Year Redevelopment Report one giant case study. Enjoy!

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The concept for a Downtown urban space that simultaneously offered Salt Lake City residents, workers, and visitors a venue in which to experience in community activities, green space, retail establishments, and visual points of interest was born in 1993 when the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) acquired an assemblage of land located on City Block 57.

Located between Main Street and State Street, and 200 South and Broadway, and within the boundaries of the RDA’s Central Business District Project Area (established in 1982), Block 57 had long been known at the commercial, cultural, and economic heart of the City.

Gallivan’s design was based on both the City’s Block 57 Master Plan, and the RDA’s Central Business District redevelopment objectives, which included:

  • Removal of impediments to land disposition and development through assembly of land into reasonably sized and shaped parcels served by improved public utilities and new community facilities.
  • Promotion of new and reaffirm existing cultural activities within the area.
  • Strengthening of the tax base and economic health of the community and State of Utah.
  • Provision of adequate off-street parking.

The RDA’s original construction of the Gallivan Center occurring in phases between 1993 and 1998, with a substantial renovation in 2011.

The image below outlines the RDA’s evolving role in providing the community with a central urban gathering place in the heart of Downtown.

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